The re-re-re-re introduction

The re-re-re-re introduction


Allow me to reintroduce myself–wait, everybody steals from Hov. I ain’t finna do that. 

Look. This is the deal. We are The Thick Girl Gang. We ain’t tryin’ to hear from you right now, we doin’ Thick Girl Shit. 

You know what that means? We out here living our best lives to the fullest. We out here embracing who we are and what we look like–whether it fits into what society at large likes, or nah!

We ain’t tryin’ to be size nothing. You gonna get all dis thickness, all these curves, and all this voluptuousness, without apology and without hiding. That is what Thick Girl Gang is all about: loving and accepting yourself where you at!

This is the place where Black women can be comfortable in their Black girl magic. For centuries, folks have tried to make us feel guilty for our curves and for our thickness. Nah, son! Not here! We ain’t feelin’ nathan about what we got! 

We out here, showing off this gear that makes us look like us, talking about these shops that love what we do, and most importantly–speaking to these other women who don’t know that Thick Girl Gang is accepting who they are!

We right here. We out here. And we here for you. Get at us on social media, girl. We out here doing Thick Girl Shit. You can be out here doing Thick Girl Shit wit us! All you gotta do is let us know where you are, and we are on our way!

And we did it without stealing from Hov! Hey, B! 

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